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Calgary, Alberta Canada
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    Calgary Alberta, Canada
    T2W 1L1
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    I began the journey into jewellery making as a creative outlet. For a very analytical person, the process of creating Viking Knit woven chain was a perfect fit – multi-step and detailed, but very forgiving with results that are striking and precise.

    The pieces created by me are all hand-woven and creatively finished. Materials range from base metal to copper, silver plated and brass, to sterling and argentium silver. Custom orders are welcome, so if you see a design you like but prefer a different finish, or would like a unique piece custom created for you, please contact me. I hope you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each unique piece and enjoy wearing these beautiful treasures.

    About Viking Knit: Viking knit is an ancient wire weaving technique creating a distinctive pattern. A strand of wire is woven around a dowel then pulled through a draw plate, and it takes yards of wire to create inches of finished chain. Samples of Viking knit jewellery have been found in burial sites dating back to the middle ages. This same weaving process was used by mariners to create strong yet light fishing nets.
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